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About This Project

Northeast Iowa RC&D is frequently asked to help our partner entities develop maps, secure photographs, and write narratives for their natural, cultural, and historic resource publications and media. As with any marketing effort, materials must constantly be updated to ensure they are of the highest quality. Our design skills, branding, and marketing expertise are also used to promote specific initiatives, land purchases, or land use options that improve soil and/or water quality. Our ongoing Grassfed Livestock Promotion is one such effort. Livestock producers that incorporate hay and pasture into their operations are less likely to have erosion from highly erodible hillsides. Promotion and celebration of grassfed operations and producers, as well as promotion of their products to the public, encourages other farmers to consider the economic and environmental benefits of grassfed systems, which can have a positive impact on water quality and soil health.

The Northeast Iowa Grassfed Producer Directory contains contact information for farmers in Northeast Iowa who are raising a selection of grassfed meats for sale.