Stormwater Resources for Teachers

Teachers Resources for urban stormwater education!


Interactive stormwater learning can be as simple as spritzing water on a crumpled piece of paper, or as in-depth as building stormwater BMPs at your school.


Either way, we can help you find the resourcesand funding to do stormwater projects and lessons with your students.



Lesson Plans & Hands-on Classroom Activities

Stormwater BMP Lesson Plans, Grades K-12
Project Wet Education Guidebooks
Iowa Water Rocks Lesson Plans
EPA Lesson Plans, Grades 9-12
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Online Activities

Iowa Water Rocks YouTube Channel
USGS Water Science School – Interactive Online Games

Iowa Water Rocks – Interactive Online Games
Water Filtration Activity (EPA)
Water Facts Matching Game (EPA)

Resources for Building & Maintaining

Stormwater Practice Grants – available to schools on completion of a field trip
Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership (ISWEP)
Maintenance Plans for Stormwater BMPs (IDALS)

Adventure On ::
Other Resources for K-12 Stormwater Education

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Stormwater Education for Kids
Stormwater Education Toolkit – MRI-FL
Iowa Water Rocks
Iowa Learning Farms
Project Learning Tree

Stormwater Resources en Español (Spanish)

USGS Water Science School (Spanish)
Water Plant Tour (English and Spanish)
Project Wet Teacher’s Guide (Free in Spanish)