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Fund Raising Activities

The Upper Iowa River Watershed Project and Upper Iowa River Watershed Alliance are in the process of raising funds to support monthly water quality sampling in the Upper Iowa River Watershed. Water sampling is being conducted to identify priority areas for water quality improvements in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota. In past years, water quality sampling has supported specific project in Northeast Iowa, for example, the Trout Run Reforestation Project, and the Staff/Beaver Project. The Trout Run Project gave landowners the opportunity to enroll in a 90% cost-share program to plant trees on highly erodible lands. In 2004 funds were raised to conduct 7 water samples at 28 sites throughout the watershed. Two sites were located on the Upper Iowa River and 26 sites located in tributaries to the Upper Iowa River.

If you would like to help fund water quality sampling please print and complete the donation form and send to NE Iowa RC&D, P.O. Box 916, Postville, Iowa 52162. All donations are tax deductible.

To print right-click on the pledge card and click "Print Picture..."