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Upper Iowa River Watershed Pictures

Rock formation in the UIRW (53kb) Blackhawk Bluff along the Upper Iowa River (41kb) Cattle in one of many spring-fed streams in the UIRW (26kb) Much of the eastern portions of the UIRW are forested (43kb)
Glenwood Cave (27kb) Water sampling Dry Run Creek (34kb) Kayaking the Upper Iowa River (23kb) Erosion in the UIRW (23kb)
Lidtke Mill along the Upper Iowa River (48kb) Runoff after a spring rain in the UIRW (15kb) Tree plantings in the UIRW (18kb) Coldwater Cave (37kb)
Ag land in western portions of the UIRW (14kb) Road cut shows thin topsoil and porous bedrock (30kb) Water sampling after a summer rain storm (27kb) Freshwater mussel (25kb)
Bank erosion along the Upper Iowa River (22kb)