Contact Northeast Iowa RC&D Staff

Contact any of the staff members below by email, or call the office at 563-864-7112 and ask for them (between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday).

Northeast Iowa RC&D Staff would enjoy talking with you about their projects or about how you can be involved in a RC&D project in your area. We are also happy to meet with you about how you can help sustain Northeast Iowa RC&D or advance the work of Northeast Iowa RC&D in a specific area of interest through tax deductible donations, bequests, gifts of stock, insurance, or land. We will gladly meet with you to discuss options and provide any information you may need. Please contact Lora Friest, Executive Director at (563) 864-7112.

Lora Friest

Paul Berland

Associate Director

Brad Crawford

Jared Nielsen

Senior Marketing and Design Specialist

Amanda Streeper

Program Manager

Mallory Hanson

Regional Tourism & Economic Development Coordinator

Ross Evelsizer

Watershed Planner
GIS Specialist

Josh Dansdill

Grants Specialist
Business Development Planner

Nathan Thompson

Community Planner

Tori Hartman

Project Technician
GIS Analyst