Promote Natural Resource–Based Tourism

Tourism in Northeast Iowa is a multi-million dollar industry. We believe we can support local businesses and diversify our economy while still maintaining the integrity of our natural, cultural, and historic resources.

We view tourism initiatives through a regional lens. We work with the 7-county Northeast Iowa Tourism Association to create, implement, and evaluate regional marketing initiatives. As coordinators of four of Iowa’s Scenic Byways (River Bluffs, Driftless Area, Delaware Crossing, and Grant Wood) and the Turkey River Recreational Corridor, we support dozens of communities as they transform into exceptional tourism destinations. 

We have extensive experience in developing, planning, funding, promoting, mapping, and creating signage or guides for recreational trails, water trails, and trout streams, always striving to maximize both economic and environmental benefits. We have worked with local communities on the Trout Run Trail, Prairie Farmer Recreational Trail, Wapsi Great Western Line Trail, Mississippi River Trail, Turkey River Corridor Trail, Dry Run Trail, and Freeport Trail. We provide interpretive planning and design services to help our partners tell the story of their natural, cultural, and historic resources.


Featured Publications

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