Protect and Improve Land and Water

For centuries, the beauty, uniqueness, and abundance of natural resources in Northeast Iowa have drawn people to live and visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Since its formation in 1987, Northeast Iowa RC&D has been charged with helping residents and leaders foster economic development without destroying the natural resources that make the region so dynamic. 

We consider the protection and enhancement of natural resources in everything we do, examining both local and regional impacts of individual projects, policies, and partnerships and quantifying the economic, social, and cultural components that influence natural resource decision making, project planning, and project implementation. We strive to understand and respect the needs, challenges, and preferences of local private landowners as well as community organizations, local governments, and state and federal agencies.

The ways in which we enhance and protect our natural resources are as diverse as the people that seek our assistance. We partner with landowners and county, state, and federal partners to restore water quality through regional watershed analysis and planning and flood prevention projects. We use GIS to track conservation progress, and help our partners develop informed planning and zoning ordinances. Our team has researched and conducted one-on-one outreach to producers and woodland owners to help them understand conservation programs and expand natural resource management and protection.  


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