CSP Outreach & Promotion

NE IA RC&D is cooperating with NRCS to maintain and restore cropland, forestland, grazing land, and fish and wildlife habitat and protect water and air resources in Northeast Iowa by providing information and education to producers about participation in the Conservation Security Program. This project encourages and prepares producers in the Upper Iowa River Watershed and the Yellow River Watershed to prepare for future CSP participation. It also targets approximately 500 producers in the Turkey River Watershed that have already been accepted into the CSP to help them maximize their involvement in the program. Town hall meetings, newsletter articles, press releases, one-on-one individual contacts and farm visits, field demonstration days, informational mailings, and project poster displays will be utilized to accomplish the goals. Project personnel work closely with personnel from the NE IA Comprehensive Watershed Project, SWCD and NRCS offices to identify and target landowners for outreach and reduce duplication of efforts in the region.