Resources for Forest Reserve Landowners

Research shows that thousands of Northeast Iowa private landowners don’t understand the state and federal program dollars and technical assistance that are available to help them plan and manage their woodlands.  Do you?

A recent study of Forest Reserve Landowners found that hundreds of Northeast Iowa landowners that have enrolled in the Forest Reserve Program do not have Forest Stewardship Plans and may never have consulted a private or public forester.

Why is this important?

  • To get the dollars, you need the plan! Most state and federal programs that provide technical and financial assistance require a Forest Stewardship Plan, which can be developed in Iowa by a Regional DNR Forester or a Private Forestry Consultant.
  • Pests love it when you ignore your woodlands! Well managed woodlands are less susceptible to disease and invasive species. Iowa is facing invasion from Emerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moth, Garlic Mustard and other none native species that would love to move into your woodland, kill your trees and out compete your native flowers and trees.
  • You are more likely to have the woodlands you want if you plan and manage. Not just for yourself but also for your children and grandchildren. If you want to be able to sell trees, then you should manage for tree harvest; if you want to be able to walk in your woodlands and see many different types of birds, then you should manage for bird habitat, if you love native wildflowers, make sure you know how to stop invasive plants in their tracks!


Research shows that every year landowners log their woods or clear their woodlands without consulting a state or private forester. Unfortunately, those studies also show that many woodland owners are not only degrading their future forest resource, they are also throwing dollars away.

In some documented cases, landowners have bulldozed and burned thousands of dollars in trees to plant annual crops without understanding the economic loss until it was too late. Many of the woodland owners are not informed about the benefits of understanding their forest resource. Its simple and beneficial to obtain forest management assistance prior to hiring a logger to harvest their timber.



Northeast Iowa Woodland Owners