Historic Log Cabin Business – Glenwood Log Houses

This project has helped develop a natural-resource-based business, Glenwood Log Houses, which secures historic log houses, deconstructs them, and markets their authentic reconstruction and reuse.  It not only ensures the use of a historic natural resource, it is also diversifying and increasing local economic development related to the construction industry, with specific impact on specialized single family home, cabin and vacation home construction. It utilizes a natural and historic Iowa resource that has previously not been considered valuable in Iowa to create new jobs and enhance the potential for specialized skilled workers and expand their work opportunities. The native oak and pine timbers used in the historic houses were harvested between 1835 and 1900, during early pioneer settlement. The original materials from each building are being saved and reused, including large native timbers, rock from the foundations, siding, windows, wainscoting, flooring, roof rafters, decorative trim, etc. NE IA RC&D helped this business develop its business plan, marketing plan, marketing materials and conducted an inventory of historic log houses in Northeast Iowa. NE IA RC&D also secured a $25,000 NRBOG to help the business with start-up costs.