Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development Inc. will be starting on a community revitalization plan in Postville this summer.

The plan seeks to increase private and public investment in the area by creating a comprehensive community vision for development, improvements and infrastructure.

“We look forward to working with property owners to hear their ideas and learning what vision the community members have for Postville,” said Nathan Thompson, RC&D project coordinator.

Members of the public and business and property owners will be invited to a series of meetings to guide the formation of a plan for sites and strategies to be pursued for redevelopment. After these meetings, possible redevelopment scenarios will be presented and more public input will be solicited to select a final redevelopment plan. Projects prioritized in the plan could begin as early as 2019.

The project area for this planning process will include properties along the entire railroad corridor through Postville as well as the majority of the business district.

“One possible project could be the transformation of the old turkey processing plant site into a more inviting western entrance to the city from U.S. 18/52,” said Thompson.