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Driftless Area Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan


Filled with photos, maps, tables, and narratives,  this document captures the history, essence, and vision of the people, places, and rich resources along the Driftless Area Scenic Byway in Northeast Iowa.

Driftless Area Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan – Web (PDF: 107MB, 303 pages)

This plan is intended to provide several key benefits for the byway. First, this plan can be used to help identify and rank community improvement projects within the corridor. Second, the plan will help stakeholders strategize plans for how to implement these projects and identify available funding sources. Third, the CMP will be a helpful tool to reference when pursuing grant funds for projects related to the byway. Additional benefits yielded from the development of this CMP is that it is intended to:

  • Articulate a public vision and goals for the byway.
  • Qualify the byway for national and state funding sources that require a plan.
  • Build partnership and “buy-in” with and between disparate public and private interests so the byway functions as a singular tourism attraction and economic development engine.
  • Educate stakeholders about the byway’s intrinsic qualities that define it’s character and give it a sense of place.
  • Identify desires for how the byway’s intrinsic resources should be preserved and enhanced.
  • Analyze the safety conditions of the byway roads, amenities and sites.
  • Guide local decisions for how to allocate scarce financial and volunteer resources for the byway.
  • Recognize the need to promote the byway and increase coordination of tourism and marketing efforts between byway communities.
  • Provide a marketing communications plan and a “brand” for the byway.
  • Define the current economic impact of the byway and identify strategies for how to increase its economic benefits to area communities.