Marketing and Interpretive Materials for Motor Mill Historic Site

Project Overview

Through collaborative meetings with members of the Motor Mill Foundation and Clayton County Conservation Board, Northeast Iowa RC&D staff developed an Interpretive Master Plan for Motor Mill Historic Site. This plan has served as a guide for the development of marketing materials and interpretive media addressing the dual goals of driving increased visitation to Motor Mill Historic Site and improving visitor experiences while there. 

Initial phases of implementation of the Interpretive Master Plan have included

  • A new site logo and branding guidelines that ensure site-wide consistency in materials and create opportunities for fundraising through merchandising.
  • An off-site “rack card” that highlights the variety of activities available at Motor Mill Historic Site. This card will be used primarily at Welcome and Visitor Centers and tourist stops. It features the site logo as a custom cutout to help the card standout amidst similar cards.
  • An on-site brochure that provides a brief site history, custom illustrations, a hand-drawn site map, and information on how to support the Motor Mill Foundation. 
  • Seven interpretive panels for use in the Mill’s basement and adjacent to one of the Mill’s “showcase” artifacts, an original turbine excavated from the Mill’s basement in 2020. Panels focus on the influence of the surrounding environment on the Mill; the Mill’s physical structure and mechanical workings; and the discovery, excavation, and restoration of the Mill’s turbines. 


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