Watershed Guardian Grant Information and Materials


Watershed Guardian Grant


The Northeast Iowa Stormwater Education Program is excited to support school classes in implementing stormwater management projects. 

Grant Update:

Watershed Guardian Grant Implementation projects are currently being implemented throughout Northeast Iowa. Because of the great success of the program so far, only Watershed Guardian Tree Grants of up to $1,000 are still available. These $1,000 grants can be used to purchase and plant trees at your school, student’s homes, or anywhere in the community. Examples of tree projects include installation of a community orchard, the replacement of ash trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer throughout your community, and many more.

Northeast Iowa Stormwater Education Program: Watershed Guardian Grant for Trees Application PDF 

How to Become Eligible for the Watershed Guardian Tree Grant

  1. Have your students watch the Virtual Stormwater Demonstration Site Tour (posted below)
  2. Have students fill out the correlating google form.  Link to Google Form

Contact Tori Nimrod at Tori@northeastiowarcd.org or (563)864-7112 with any questions.

Virtual Stormwater Demo Site Tour

Other Grant opportunities

The Watershed Guardian Grant does not require match, but the grants listed below could be used along with the Watershed Guardian Grants to better your project.

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