Watershed Guardian Grant Information and Materials


Watershed Guardian Grant


The Northeast Iowa Stormwater Education Program is excited to support school classes in implementing stormwater management projects. Eligible classes may apply for two types of awards: Junior Watershed Guardian Grants will award up to $500 per project, and ExStream Watershed Guardian Grants will award up to $5,000 per project.


 Stormwater Sub Grant Application

Stormwater Sub Grant Guidelines


As teachers participate in the Watershed Guardian Program their time spent on the project will be tracked. Including time spend at the Regional Urban Stormwater Demonstration Site, time spent implementing the lessons in Teacher’s Packet with students, and time spent implementing an urban stormwater conservation practice. Teacher time logs will be collected by the Environmental Education Coordinator at the end of each quarter year.

To download the Teacher Time Log click the link below. 

Teacher Time Log


Applications should be submitted by email to stormwater@northeastiowarcd.org or mailed to Northeast Iowa RC&D Att: Watershed Guardian Grant Program, PO Box 916, Postville, IA 52162

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