Regional Urban Stormwater Demonstration Site

View of Stormwater Retention Demo Site


Project Overview

Northeast Iowa offers a unique landscape unlike any other in the state of Iowa. Steep limestone bluffs and rolling hills offer unique interactions between humans and the watershed they live in.

The Stormwater Demonstration Site installed at 101 E. Greene Street incorporates a wide range of best management practices for stormwater conservation, including rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration trenches, native plantings, and more. Water that lands on the site during a rain event is treated through infiltration before it enters the City of Postville Stormwater system, or it is held in the landscape, improving water quality and reducing flooding within the watershed.

Because this is a demonstration site, providing high-quality education and outreach related to stormwater conservation was a primary objective throughout the project. RC&D staff hosted field trips and public events that included hands-on activities and provided teachers with the Watershed Guardian Teacher’s Packet to continue student learning beyond site visits. They created a virtual site tour and developed bilingual signage and brochures.

Visits to the Stormwater Demonstration Site and education support is still available. Contact Tori Nimrod to learn more. 


Watershed Guardian Projects

The project also actively involved students across Northeast Iowa in making a difference in their own watersheds by providing nearly $30,000 in small grants to for stormwater conservation projects at schools, public parks, and communities. Each project was carefully tailored to meet the unique needs, challenges, and goals of the participants. 

  • Central Elkader High School: Tree plantings at Osborne Nature Center
  • Cherry Hill 4H Chums 4H Club: Community Tree Giveaways in Decorah and Postville
  • Clayton County Conservation Board: Installation of rock check dams and tree/native grass plantings at Osborne Pond 
  • Decorah Middle School: Bank stabilization of Dry Run Creek
  • Edgewood-Colesburg High School: Installation of a rain garden and native plantings along gravel parking area
  • Fairbank Elementary School: Installation of a rain garden along basketball courts
  • Oelwein Middle School: Prairie enhancement and expansion and tree plantings
  • Postville Middle School: Tree plantings at the Stormwater Demonstration Site
  • Readlyn Elementary School / City of Readlyn: Construction of a wetland along town edges
  • South Winneshiek Middle School: Installation of a butterfly garden
  • Sumner Freericksburg Elementary School: Installation of a butterfly garden and rain barrels
  • Winneshiek County Conservation Board: Prairie plantings at areas disturbed through lake restoration work at Lake Meyer Park


Project Funders and Partners

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